Taekwondo In Hillsboro

Are you looking for thrilling and exciting Taekwondo in Hillsboro? Look no further, AT Portland Academy of Self Defence we teach Taekwondo, a form of martial art which can empower your self-confidence and help you find calmness at the same time. We have designed classes for everyone who wants to learn the Taekwondo. We have classes for all age groups, backgrounds, and abilities. You could be a beginner or a pro, you can still find a class here. We aim to not only teach you the art of art of Taekwondo but also the self-discipline that comes with it. Welcome to Portland Academy of Self Defence.

taekwondo hillsboro

Why Choose Taekwondo?

Physical Fitness and Health

Our Taekwondo classes in Hillsboro could be just what you are looking for to stay fit while learning self-defence. Taekwondo improves strength and flexibility by using fast and high-energy movements. Whether you are looking to lose a little or live a healthier lifestyle, Taekwondo can be the solution to it all.

Self-Defence Skills

Safety is very important. Everyone should have some self-defence skills in case of an emergency. When you have some knowledge of Taekwondo it equips to techniques that a person can use to defend themselves or somebody in distress. Not to forget when you know to defend yourself it boosts self-confidence and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Mental Strength and Discipline

Taekwondo doesn’t just teach you to be powerful physically it also strengthens and disciplines your mind. Taekwondo has some great fighting techniques, but it also brings calmness, which is exactly what we aim. It enhances your inner power. Our experienced instructors will teach you patience and determination which will lead you to the beautiful journey of self-discovery.

Creating a community

At Portland Academy of Self Defence, we aim to create a sense of community. Students here find people with whom they can share and bond. Together we lift and support each other in highs and lows and motivate to reach that goal.

Taekwondo Classes in Hillsboro: What to Expect?

Our Taekwondo classes in Hillsboro are structured to cater to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a child, teenager, or adult, our instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

A child, Teenager or Adult we have a class for you. We have dedicated classes for every age group so that anybody can learn Taekwondo. Our instructors are here to help and guide you all the way. We have classes for beginners who have not learnt Taekwondo ever in their lives. We start from the very beginning and teach you all the techniques and forms that you need to know. Our instructors are experienced, and they know what they are doing. We also have some advanced classes for those who already know Taekwondo and either want to practice it or take their skills to the next level. Children are also welcome at our academy. We have different classes for children whose parents want their kids to learn Taekwondo.

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Start a path to transform your life through Taekwondo in Hillsboro. Come to the Portland Academy of Self-defence to find out what we can offer you. To know more about our classes, schedule, and enrolment options; send us a message today. Through the art of Taekwondo, we are eager to help you discover your inner strength. Welcome to the Portland Academy of Self Defence’s world of self-improvement, strength, confidence, and life skills.

taekwondo hillsboro