Discover the Power of Kickboxing in Hillsboro

Kickboxing is not just a sport, but rather a way of life. Being a warrior is about unleashing energy and passion that makes one become strong, not just in the body but also in the mind/heart. Our training in kickboxing in Hillsboro, at the Portland Academy of Self-Defense is exactly where you need to start to transform your life and become much more confident.
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Unleash Your Inner Warrior

At times life is hard and it calls for an avenue whereby one can relieve stress, gain self-esteem, and remain fit. Kickboxing is that outlet. Our classes will be about hitting, equilibrium and self-Defense skills that will make it fun for you. We offer kickboxing classes which cater for both beginners and seasoned fighters.

What Makes Our Kickboxing Classes in Hillsboro Unique?

Expert Instructors
Our Kickboxing Classes in Hillsboro have trainers who are experienced, enthusiastic, and willing to help you achieve your dreams. Each step will be guided, supported, and encouraged.
Comprehensive Training
Our training method includes a variety of techniques including fundamental techniques like punches and kicks, as well as various combination methods. Besides, your physical fitness will be improved while acquiring self-Defense skills, especially in martial arts training.
Community and Camaraderie

When you enrol in our Kickboxing classes, it would mean you will be working with others in the same field, as fellow enthusiasts in building their selves. Together, we grow stronger.

Confidence Booster

No Other Can Install Confidence as Kick Boxing Does. You will find a great deal of self-confidence when you notice an improvement in your skills and physical appearance.

Stress Relief

Our kickboxing classes are an effective way of releasing of excessive pressure that one experiences in life. It’s never a boring experience to punch or kick away your worry.

Kickboxing: A Journey of Transformation

In addition, kickboxing is not just a physical practice but also a transformation. Here's what you can expect when you join our Kickboxing Classes at the Portland Academy of Self Defense:

  • Improved Fitness: Your heart will start racing and burning calories with our regular classes. It will help develop your tone muscles and increase flexibility and stamina.
  • Self-Defense Skills: Being able to defend ourselves and our family are indispensable. We teach you practical self-defense techniques which you might apply when danger comes your way.
  • Stress Reduction:Let out some positive energy and frustration that builds up within you. For example, kickboxing is an amazing way to reduce stress.
  • Enhanced Confidence: As you become skilled in new methods, this feeling of self-confidence will grow. This new confidence will follow you in your daily activities.
  • Mental Toughness: Kickboxing is not only physical but also of the mind. You will discover the discipline, focus and perseverance which goes way beyond the gymnasium.
kickboxing journey
Kickboxing Classes: Becoming a Better You.
We at Portland’s Academy of Self-Defense are strongly convinced and supportive of the idea of an individual’s ability and potentiality to his/her better self. Tapping into this potential is what our Kickboxing Classes in Hillsboro do for you—not just physically but also mentally. If it is about improving your fitness, self-defense abilities self-assurance or even just enjoying while working out — our lessons are ideal for you!
Want to be a part of something incredible? Discover a whole new world of kickboxing at the Portland Academy of Self Defense.