Boxing in Tigard: A Fun Self-Defense and Fitness Solution

Do Want exercise to be fun and intriguing? Boxing as an exercise can be an interesting and fun way to do your daily workout. At Portland Academy of Self-Defense, we are here to teach you boxing in Tigard. You might be looking for a fun way to get fit or you want to learn some new techniques for self-defense, Boxing might just be the thing.

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The Rise of Boxing Trend

Boxing is becoming a new trend these days. Here is why taking boxing classes in Tigard from us is becoming the new trend.

Discover your inner strength

You discover your inner strength when you join our boxing classes. It's not just about learning to throw punches but it's also about pushing and testing your limits. You can discover yourself during these lessons.

Full Body Workout

Boxing is a full-body workout. When you learn to punch, dodge, and do other drills which engages your core and strengthens your arms and legs.

Boxing Classes in Tigard with Us

The Portland Academy of Self-Defense presents a good entry point for beginners in boxing and self-defense. The experienced instructors will guide you on how to execute proper footwork, jabs, and crosses as well as defensive measures. Find out about routines that include boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and real-life street self-defense. You learn in a supportive community where you can set goals and track your progress from time to time.

After the first class at Portland Academy of Self-Defense, students are usually “hooked” on boxing. You will come back for dynamic training, personal progress, and a supporting community.

Learn to Box in Tigard at our one-of-a-kind academy. Join us today.

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