Hapkido Classes For kids, Teens & Adults


KIds Hapkido Class

Our kids Hapkido Martial Arts classes for older children are comprised of age‑appropriate self-defense techniques & drills which develop skills and qualities crucial for school‑age children to succeed, including self‑discipline, focus, respect, patience, confidence, and self‑esteem. They’ll establish good fitness habits and make new friends, all while learning to defend themselves! Stranger danger and bully‑proofing are also part of this one‑of‑a‑kind program!
 Teen Hapkido Class

Teen Hapkido Class

<p>Empower your teen with the invaluable life skills gained through Hapkido Martial arts training at Portland Academy of Self Defense. Our Teen Hapkido Self Defense class in portland and in Beaverton, Oregon not only instills effective self-defense techniques but also fosters discipline, resilience, and mental focus.Tailored for teens, our classes provide a supportive environment where they can build confidence, enhance physical fitness, and develop a strong sense of personal responsibility. Through the dynamic practice of Hapkido for teens in portland and in Beaverton, Oregon not only acquire the ability to defend themselves but also cultivate a mindset that serves them well in various aspects of life.</p>