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Youth Classes Ages 7 to 12

Our youth classes for older children are comprised of age‑appropriate self defense techniques & drills which develop skills and qualities crucial for school‑age children to succeed, including self‑discipline, focus, respect, patience, confidence, and self‑esteem. They’ll establish good fitness habits and make new friends, all while learning to defend themselves! Stranger‑danger and bully‑proofing are also part of this one‑of‑a‑kind program!
 Children Classes Ages 4 to 6

Children Classes Ages 4 to 6

Do you want your child to lead a healthy life? Are you always running after your child to spend less time on his iPad and be more active and go out and play? Do you want your child to be well-disciplined, confident, and good at school? If yes, Portland Academy of Self Defense is just the place you want to be. The age from 4 to 6 years is the most important part of your child’s life. It is a time when children make habits that stay with them for the rest of their lives. As parents, it is your responsibility to instill healthy habits in your children, making sure that they lead healthy, smart, and happy lives. Here’s how Portland Academy of Self Defense will help you with that.

Teen Classes Ages 13 to 16

Together, they create the solid character traits and responsibility that will prepare your teen for the challenges they will face as they mature into young adults. They’ll learn to make the right decisions, acquire the discipline to do well in school, and any endeavor they choose to take on. Most importantly, they will have fun the entire time!
 Adult Classes Ages 17 & up

Adult Classes Ages 17 & up

If you are truly interested in getting in shape and learning self‑defense you’ve found the right place. There are many benefits to training at Portland Academy of Self Defense. Peak physical fitness is one of the main ones. Trust us, this is nothing like "working out" at a gym. You will feel the difference almost immediately.

personal Training

Experience the ultimate in personal training.  In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find the time to get regular exercise. Training 1-on-1 with one of our top instructors in Hapkido Self Defense is the fastest and best way to reach your goals! No matter your experience in self-defense you will benefit. There are many benefits to students who participate in personal training such as progressing 2-3 times faster than students who just rely only on group classes or a having personalizing training regimen that’s suited specifically for you or having a training schedule that’s designed specifically for you and many more… With years of experience training people just like you, our instructors find ways to make sure you’re having fun while you’re learning and getting fit. Our instructors will ensure that you make continual progress towards your goals.