about hapkido self defense

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art and is commonly referred to as the Art of Self-Defense. Hapkido translated simply means "The Art of Coordinated Power.” 

Coordinated power means applying your whole body which includes your posture, balance, and movement all together when using your technique which gives the practitioner a distinctive advantage in self-defense.

Hapkido self-defense skills are versatile, and they encompass the full range of self-defense from stand-up fighting to ground fighting. 
about hapkido self defense
However, there is much more to Hapkido than just self-defense. Hapkido represents a way of thinking, a pattern of action that develops mental and physical discipline.

Through practicing Hapkido, all practitioners can benefit: Physically, by developing good coordination, a strong body, and a healthy mind; mentally, by building self-confidence, gaining good judgment, and developing a sound mind; and philosophically, by learning to respect others, to be honest, and to always stand up for one’s beliefs. Thus, Hapkido is a guide for the formation of outstanding character. More generally, it is a state of mind; the control of one’s mind, kindness, self-restraint, and humility, all of which must accompany physical grace.

The study of Hapkido will benefit everyone, from children to adults, who wishes to develop a strong, healthy body and mind.