Portland Best Hapkido Martial Arts & Fitness For Self defense in Beaverton Oregon, West Slope


Here at Portland Academy of Self-Defense, the primary foundation of our Self-Defense training is based in Hapkido. Hapkido is a no-nonsense form of self-defense. Hapkido self-defense is comprehensive, containing both offensive and defensive fighting skills that encompasses the complete spectrum from stand-up fighting to ground fighting. Hapkido self-defense utilizes a wide variety of fighting skills such as grabs, throws, takedowns, foot sweeps, wrestling, joint locks, and submissions holds and control techniques as well as weapons in addition to striking with your hands and feet. Hapkido self-defense is characterized as reality-based, straight forward and to the point.
However, there is much more to Hapkido than just self-defense. Hapkido represents a way of thinking, a pattern of action that develops mental and physical discipline. Through practicing Hapkido, all practitioners can benefit: Physically, by developing good coordination, and a strong body and healthy mind; mentally, by building self-confidence, gaining good judgement, and developing a sound mind; and philosophically, by learning to respect others, to be honest, and to always stand up for one’s beliefs. Thus, Hapkido is a guide for the formation of outstanding character. More generally, it is a state of mind; the control of one’s mind, kindness, self-restraint, and humility, all which must accompany physical grace. The study of Hapkido will benefit everyone, from child to adult, who wishes to develop a strong, healthy body and mind.